Monday Night Football Schedule For 2015 Season

Welcome to, the best place online to find out who's playing on Monday Night Football in 2015. Since 1970, Monday Night Football has been a staple in football fans households, providing prime time entertainment and marquee match ups throughout the course of the NFL season. It's a nice start to the week for those of us who work on Mondays, and then get to come home and turn on the television and get our football fix.

And for you bettors, it's also a last chance for the week to continue to make money, or get back the money that may have been lost on Sunday. There are plenty of betting odds formed for each of the games on Monday night during the season, outside of just betting against the spread. In fact, Monday Night Football games often have the most betting lines available of any game during the week.

2015 Monday Night Football Schedule

Always the marquee game of the week in the NFL, the 2015 Monday Night Football schedule is going to be another great one. We're glad the NFL is sticking to its tradition of having two MNF games for week 1 which helps make up for there not being a Monday Night Football games in week 17... all games are typically played on Sunday the final week of the preseason.

Look below and find the full 2015 MNF schedule including start time and the betting line. All MNF games will be broadcast on ESPN at 8:30pm ET with the exception of the opening week doubleheader games whcih are scheduled to start around 7pm + 10:30pm ET.

Week / Date Away Team Home Team Line Where To Bet
9/9 - Week 1
Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins
WASH by 3.5 Bet Now
9/9 - Week 1
Houston Texans vs. San Diego Chargers
HOU by 5 Bet Now
9/16 - Week 2
Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals
CIN by 7 Bet Now
9/23 - Week 3
Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos
DEN by 15.5 Bet Now
9/30 - Week 4
Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints
NO by 7.5 Bet Now
10/7 - Week 5
New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons
ATL by 10 Bet Now
10/14 - Week 6
Indianapolis Colts vs. San Diego Chargers
SD by 1 Bet Now
10/21 - Week 7
Minnesota Vikings vs. New York Giants
NYG by 3 Bet Now
10/28 - Week 8
Seattle Seahawks vs. St. Louis Rams
SEA by 14.5 Bet Now
11/4 - Week 9
Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers
GB by 11 Bet Now
11/11 - Week 10
Miami Dolphins vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
N/A Bet Now
11/18 - Week 11
New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers
N/A Bet Now
11/25 - Week 12
San Francisco 49ers vs. Washington Redskins
N/A Bet Now
12/2 - Week 13
New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks
N/A Bet Now
12/9 - Week 14
Dallas Cowboys vs. Chicago Bears
N/A Bet Now
12/16 - Week 15
Baltimore Ravens vs. Detroit Lions
N/A Bet Now
12/23 - Week 16
Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers
N/A Bet Now

Quick Look Ahead At 2015 Monday Night Football Matchups

Week 1 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Eagles @ Redskins

Spread: Redskins by 3.5 Points

Money: PHI +155 / WSH -175

Over/Under: 52 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The first of the two matchups in Week 1 of the Monday Night Football schedule for 2015 matches two teams out of the NFC East when the Philadelphia Eagles visit the Washington Redskins and QB storylines are sure to rule the day in this one.

For the Eagles, it's Michael Vick who got the job. For the Redskins, it centers on the health of Robert Griffin III, who has been under the watchful eye of team doctors this offseason with the knee recovery.

Winner of this game will get a leg up in the NFC East standings and will sit in a tie with the winner of the Cowboys/Giants week 1 matchup to be played on Sunday Night Football.

Week 1 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Texans @ Chargers

Spread: Texans by 5 Points

Money: HOU -195 / SD +175

Over/Under: 44 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The second Monday Night Football game in Week 1 will match Houston on the road against San Diego. This game will also be on ESPN but the normal MNF crew will be in Washington.

As for the game, the Texans have been a playoff team the last two seasons winning the AFC South. But now it's about advancing in the playoffs. Houston gets to start out versus the Chargers - a team that faces a hefty challenge against a Denver Broncos team that is heavily favored to win the division in 2015.

It would be a good start for either team to get a win of a quality opponent however the Chargers are sure to be an underdog even though they are hosting.

Week 2 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Steelers @ Bengals

Spread: Bengals by 7 Points

Money: PIT +265 / CIN -315

Over/Under: 40.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Monday Night Football is putting division matchups on the schedule early, continuing into Week 2 when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Cincinnati Bengals.

The AFC North is predicted to be very close between the Steelers, Bengals, and of course the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. That means that division wins are even more important because getting both AFC Wild Card playoff berths is a longshot.

The team that gets the better play from the QB will likely end up as the winner in this one as both teams will need to be smart with the ball when playing against tenacious defenses as both these two teams are in this one.

Week 3 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Raiders @ Broncos

Spread: Broncos by 15.5 Points

Money: OAK +535 / DEN -625

Over/Under: 48.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Denver Broncos host the Oakland Raiders in Week 3 on Monday Night Football in a tale of two completely different quarterback situations... Peyton Manning leads the Broncos while it will likely be either Matt Flynn or Terrelle Pryor piloting the Raiders by the time week 3 rolls around.

While neither option seems very appealing, the workload will be on the Oakland defense to shut down Peyton Manning who enters 2015 coming off a season where he threw for 37 touchdowns - the second highest mark he's ever posted in a single season.

Game will kickoff at it's normal time, 8:30pm ET, on ESPN.

Week 4 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Dolphins @ Saints

Spread: Saints by 7.5 points

Money: MIA +260 / NO -320

Over/Under: 49.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Miami will visit the Louisiana Superdome in Week 4 on Monday Night Football and by this time we should have a relatively good understanding of both of these teams.

The New Orleans Saints are trying to correct enormous problems on defense and with tough games in the first three weeks that will be found out quickly.

Miami will need to move on without Dustin Keller who looked to be a big weapon but suffered a gruesome knee injury in the preseason. The development of Ryan Tannehill will also be on display here... as it will several other times during primetime including on Monday Night Football.

Week 5 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Jets @ Falcons

Spread: Falcons by 10 points

Money: NYJ +400 / ATL -600

Over/Under: 45.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The mess that was the New York Jets during the 2015 exhibition preseason will now come full circle during this Week 5 MNF matchup against an Atlanta team that many are high on.

The question here will be who the starting quarterback will be for the Jets. Geno? Sanchez? Someone else? At this point nothing should be off the table... whoever gives you the best shot at the W - something that isn't likely to happen regardless of who is taking the snaps.

As for the Falcons, this should be a game in which they are heavily favored and expected to win easily. Check back as we'll post the game lines as soon as they become available.

Week 6 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Colts @ Chargers

Spread: San Diego by 1 point

Money: IND +125 / SD -115

Over/Under: 50.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts go out west to visit Philip Rivers and the Chargers. San Diego will be the first team to play two MNF games in 2015, and this one is certainly intriguing.

After making the playoffs in his rookie season, many sets of eyes will be on Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts in 2015. His receivers remain the same but the offense will now be lead by Pep Hamilton with Bruce Arians departing to be the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

For the Chargers, winning their games at home will be very important, with this one the opportunity to do that on national television and send a message.

Week 7 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Vikings @ Giants

Spread: NYG by 3 Points

Money: MIN +160 / NYG -180

Over/Under: 48 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Both the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants are perceived to be playoff contenders coming into the season.

The main question is here how many rushing yard will Adrian Peterson have at this point in the season? Peterson will be the primary offense on the Vikings and his success will determine whether or not Minnesota can make it back to the post-season

For the Giants, there key will have been to establish a run threat on offense and with question marks still hanging over RB David Wilson, it's going to be on Manning, Cruz and Hakeem Nicks to establish the identity of this offense.

Week 8 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Seahawks @ Rams

Spread: SEA by 14.5 Points

Money: SEA -725 / STL +565

Over/Under: 44 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The St. Louis Rams will host the Seattle Seahawks in what will be the first appearance of any NFC West team this year on MNF. A bit odd considering this division has multiple teams that have the potential to win the Super Bowl this year.

Though the Rams will likely be a large underdog for this game, they are loaded with talent and they could find themselves in position to shock a division favorite late in the 4th quarter. When that happens, all bets are off and St. Louis could win.

Standing in their way will be one of the top projected defenses going into 2015 as well as Russell Wilson who comes into 2015 off of a very strong 2012 campaign. If Seattle is to make the run to the Super Bowl that many expect, this game will be a must-win.

Week 9 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Bears @ Packers

Spread: Green Bay by 11 pts.

Money: CHI +405 / GB -500

Over/Under: 51.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The oldest rivalry in football will be renewed once again on Monday Night Football in week 9. Taking place at Lambeau Field, the Chicago Bears visiting the Green Bay Packers.

For the Bears to win the NFC North, they will have to win tough road games like this against division opponents... namely the Packers + this game.

If the Packers are as good as they think they are and as good as we know that Aaron Rodgers is, they should be in a great position to make it back to the postseason.

Winning this division is the only guaranteed way into the playoffs and neither team will want to squander an opportunity to win this game.

Week 10 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Dolphins @ Buccaneers

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

A pair of Florida teams will battle it out in Tampa Bay, with the Buccaneers hosting the Miami Dolphins in Week 10.

Tampa Bay Bucs QB Josh Freeman enters the 2015 season on the hot seat, and it should be clear by this point whether he will looking for a new team next season. Maybe Doug Martin can carry the load and prove he belongs the NFL's elite running backs but he's not likely to do it without some type of passing game.

On the other sideline, Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins will be making their second MNF appearance of 2015. And while this is another intra-conference / NFC South matchup, it should be a much easier feat to beat Tampa than other teams like Atlanta and New Orleans (week 4 MNF).

Week 11 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Patriots @ Panthers

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Yet another AFC East vs. NFC South matchup awaits football fans in Week 11 of the Monday Night Football schedule as the Carolina Panthers will face the New England Patriots in Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.

The Patriots situation at this point in the year is hard to predict because of injuries to players who may be returning like Rob Gronkowski. One week Gronk might be on the PUP, the next he could be playing by week 3. One thing is for sure though, when healthy, Tom Brady will look to Gronkowski in the clutch.

For Carolina, the expectations going into 2015 were pretty high - make the playoffs. This is a tough matchup for the Panthers even if they are playing at home and are contending for the NFC South or a NFC Wildcard berth. Their defense is predicted to be tough but offense remains a question.

Week 12 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
49ers @ Redskins

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Monday Night matchup between the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers might be one of the best games of the year. It puts two rising stars on the field, in 49ers' quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin had preseason injury issues, but if he's still healthy come Week 12, this matchup has the makings to be a really good one. Washington gets yet another MNF game at FedEx Field, and the atmosphere surrounding the game should be electric.

Kaepernick played in the Super Bowl last year and came up just short of winning it all. The 49ers look to bounce back and bounce back hard in 2015 - beating the defending NFC East Champion looks to be a must-win or at least a confidence builder as teams approach the last quarter of the regular season.

Week 13 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Saints @ Seahawks

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Week 13 will be a Monday Night Football game not to be missed as the New Orleans Saints go to the Great Northwest to face the Seattle Seahawks. If you remember, these teams played a whale of a playoff game a few seasons back and this one promises to be another good one.

Both teams figure to be in the mix for division titles in the South + West divisions in the NFC and if not, at least in-line for playoff berth through the Wildcard.

Hard to say where teams will be with just four games remaining after this game but if in contention, winning this game could go a long ways in determining who gets to go to the postseason and who goes home.

Week 14 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Cowboys @ Bears

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys both missed out on the playoffs last season. When they square off in Week 14 on Monday Night Football, it could be a very big game with plenty of playoff implications for either team.

The NFC East is typically a very tight division and wins down the stretch can mean a lot for Dallas. The Cowboys typically get hot during this time of the season as the 'Winds of December' stir something in Romo.

Of course, the same can be said for the Bears and the teams that play in the NFC North. Luckily for Chicago, they get this game at Soldier Field in early-December, which is definitely to their advantage versus a dome team.

Week 15 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Ravens @ Lions

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Detroit Lions have plenty of talent; it's about performing on the field. Who better to do that against than the reigning Super Bowl Champions in Week 15 of the 2015 NFL regular season? They'll get that shot on Monday Night Football in what could be one of the best matchups of the year.

Of course, the destiny of both teams will be apparent by this point in the season and we should know which team needs this more than the other.

Both the NFC North and AFC North will be tough, so chances are both will want to win this one badly. That should make for a very intriguing and much anticipated matchup at Ford Field.

Week 16 - 2015 Monday Night Football Schedule
Falcons @ 49ers

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

What a great way to close out the 2015 slate of Monday Night Football games than with a rematch of last year's NFC Championship Game. This time it's the San Francisco 49ers who will host the Atlanta Falcons.

With these two teams expected to contend for a Super Bowl, playoff implications plus potential seeding could be on the line this late in the season. The NFL might have saved the best for last when it comes to this MNF matchup, and it should be very exciting for all of us to watch it unfold at Candlestick Park.

Our prediction for the Monday Night Football finale? It probably will not be the last time you see these two teams face-off in 2015 - we're willing to bet these two go head to head again in the post-season.

Betting On Monday Night Football Games - Where Can You Bet?

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