Monday Night Football Schedule For 2016 Season

During the NFL season, having a case of the Mondays isn’t as severe of a diagnosis as it is during the offseason. The 2016 Monday Night Football schedule clears up the dread of having to wake up and go to work after a weekend full of football by providing, even more, football. Week 1 will start the season off with two games and we will be blessed with an action packed Monday Night Football game every Monday night for the 15 weeks that follow.

On top of matchup updates weekly you find the latest betting odds for MNF as well as the top online sportsbooks that accept US bettors. We understand the thrills that placing a responsible wager can bring just about any activity let alone one as exciting as Monday Night Football. So kick back and get the week started off the right way.

2016 Monday Night Football Schedule

Below is the Monday Night Football schedule for the 2016 season. Each game is accompanied with the kickoff times, and the betting lines. All MNF games will be broadcast on ESPN at 8:30pm ET with the exception of the opening week doubleheader games which are scheduled to start around 7pm & 10:30PM ET respectively.

Week / Date Away Team Home Team Line Where To Bet
9/12 - Week 1
Pittsburgh Steelers 38, Washington Redskins 16
PITT by 3 Bet Now
9/12 - Week 1
San Francisco 49ers 28, Los Angeles Rams 0
LAR by 2.5 Bet Now
9/19 - Week 2
Philadelphia Eagles 29, Chicago Bears 14
CHI by 3 Bet Now
9/26 - Week 3
Atlanta Falcons 45, New Orleans Saints 32
NO by 3 Bet Now
10/3 - Week 4
Minnesota Vikings 24, New York Giants 10
MINN by 4.5 Bet Now
10/10 - Week 5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 17, Carolina Panthers 14
CAR by 6 Bet Now
10/17 - Week 6
Arizona Cardinals 28, New York Jets 3
ARI by 7 Bet Now
10/24 - Week 7
Denver Broncos 27, Houston Texans 9
DEN by 7 Bet Now
10/31 - Week 8
Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
MINN by 6 Bet Now
11/7 - Week 9
Buffalo Bills at Seattle Seahawks
SEA by 7 Bet Now
11/14 - Week 10
Cincinnati Bengals at New York Giants
NYG by 1 Bet Now
11/21 - Week 11
Houston Texans vs. Oakland Raiders (in Mexico City)
OAK By 6.5 Bet Now
11/28 - Week 12
Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles
PHI By 4 Bet Now
12/5- Week 13
Indianapolis Colts at New York Jets
NYJ By 1 Bet Now
12/12- Week 14
Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots
NE By 7 Bet Now
12/19 - Week 15
Carolina Panthers at Washington Redskins
N/A Bet Now
12/26 - Week 16
Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys
N/A Bet Now

Quick Look Ahead At 2016 Monday Night Football Matchups

Week 1 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Steelers @ Redskins

Spread: Steelers by 3 Points

Money: Pit -145 / WSH +155

Over/Under: 50 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Monday Night Football is here! Week 1 kicks off with two games- Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers. Many sportsbooks have already put the Rams and Steelers as favorites, but with so many changes at the 49ers camp we cannot be sure who will prevail.

One of the highlights of the Steelers vs. Redskins game will undoubtedly be seeing the action between Washington cornerback Josh Norman and Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown. When you put an All-Pro recruit against the top WR in the country, sparks are bound to fly. The Redskins were ranked 28 in terms of defense, and the Steelers have an offense that even the best defenses find difficult to shut down. Kirk Cousins may prove that he can keep it up after his breakout season, but the odds are not in the Redskins favor.

The Steelers were the barely favored over the Redskins, with a 3 point spread. The over/under on the game opened at 51 points and settled around 50. In a 38-16 victory, Pittsburgh easily took the week one victory, demolishing Washington, and covering their 3 point spread.

Week 1 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Rams @ 49ers

Spread: Rams by 2.5 Points

Money: LAR -115 / SF +125

Over/Under: 43 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Chip Kelly has taken over as head coach for the 49ers and with his focus on the offense, we are hoping to see some improvements there. Kelly has stated that quarterback Blaine Gabbert, who got the starting position over Kaepernick, will be a major offensive asset in this new era for the Niners. We predict that 2016 Offensive Rookie of the year Todd Gurley will dominate on the field and give 49ers defense a run for their money.

In the end, when we look at the stats for Rams QB Case Keenum and those of 49ers Blaine Gabbert, it seems like Gabbert will prove Kelly right with play execution to win the game.

The Rams and 49ers opened their over/under at 47 points and closed it at 43. After their move to a new city and a couple of offseason moves that had experts excited, the Rams were favored to win the season opener and were given a 2.5 point spread. Unfortunately for proponents of the LA team, the Rams were completely shut out. If you bet the over on this game, you were sorely mistaken, as only 28 points were scored the entire night.

Week 2 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Eagles @ Bears

Spread: Bears by 3 Points

Money: PHI +165 / CHI -135

Over/Under: 42.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

On the heels of a long-awaited opening week, Week 2 of Monday Night Football begins with Philadelphia at Chicago. We all still remember the Eagles’ monumental 54-11 win over the Bears back in 2013, and though we do not expect such a blowout this go round, we do see the Eagles dominating.

The Eagles picked up number two draft pick Carson Wentz as their quarterback, and the rookie has already come out strong with his first career touchdown and several impressive throws thereafter. The Bears’ offense has been a bit shaky at certain moments but there is no denying that Jay Cutler and other key members of the o-line are forces to be reckoned with. Still, after Wentz’ performance and overall balanced offensive and defensive sides, we see the Eagles taking it home.

The primetime game of week two pitted the rookie-led Eagles against the QB-challenged Bears. Experts believed that Carson Wentz, in only his second week as an NFL starter, wouldn’t be able to stand up to the more “dominant” defense and the intimidation of a game at Soldier Field. The Bears were favored to win with a 3 point spread and the over/under of the game settled at 42.5 points on most sportsbooks.

In a show a sheer talent, Wentz led the Eagles to a 29-14 victory, covering the spread by 18 points, and just barely going over the total by .5 points, while the Bears start the season 0-2 ATS yet again.

Week 3 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Falcons @ Saints

Spread: Saints by 3 Points

Money: ATL +135 / No -125

Over/Under: 54 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Monday Night Football will see two NFC South teams matchup in Week 3 as the Atlanta Falcons go up against the New Orleans Saints. New Orleans may be coming off of two prior wins against Atlanta, but by looking at recent stats who knows if they will get the third win.

We expect Drew Brees to yield great numbers for the Saints, with his record-setting four 5,000 yard passing seasons. Even with such talent, their defense has been struggling for some time now so it really depends on how well they can handle the pressure. Falcons RB Devonta Freeman is sure to be a force to be reckoned with, having an impressive track record with rushing yards. The Falcons may also be able to take advantage of a young secondary for the Saints.

Week three featured division rivals Atlanta and New Orleans. The saints hold the upper hand in this matchup, winning 15 of the last 20 matchups between the two. They also lead the series ATS, at 11-9. These records probably heavily contributed to the Saints being named the favorites. New Orleans was given a 3 point spread, and the over/under for the game opened at 52.5 and settled at 54.

The Saints did not extend either of those records, though. The Falcons came to win and soundly beat the Saints 45-32. The Falcons covered the spread by 15.5 points, and the total was outscored by 23 points. Atlanta extended their record 2-1 on the season with their impressive primetime win.

Week 4 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Giants @ Vikings

Spread: Vikings by 4.5 points

Money: NYG +190 / MIN -170

Over/Under: 42.5 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Giants traveled to Minnesota on October 3rd in the hopes of putting an end to the Vikings win streak. Entering the season with its two superstars on IR, Minnesota was expected to flounder, especially after signing Sam Bradford as Teddy Bridgewater’s replacement. What no one expected was that they would be utterly dominant on defense, crushing both of their opponents handily in weeks one and two. After such an impressive showing to open the season, it should come as a shock to no one that the Vikings were chosen as the 4.5 point favorites for this Monday night showdown.

The over/under on this game opened at 43.5 points and fell to 42.5. Despite this decrease, the total fell under this by 8.5 points. The Vikings easily covered the spread in a 24-10 victory over the Giants, and finally broke their streak of horrible primetime performances.

Week 5 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Bucs @ Panthers

Spread: Panthers by 6 points

Money: TB +200 / ATL -195

Over/Under: 47 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

As we approach a week five football game with two 1-3 teams, you can expect the spread to be small. It may be smart to bet the under in this game, as both teams are struggling big time on offense. The odds for this game will be released when it becomes clear if Cam Newton will be able to play. Currently, he remains in NFL concussion protocol, after a serious, yet legal, hit from Atlanta.

Historically, Cam Newton has a very good record over the Bucs, but with the possibility that he’ll be left on the bench if he doesn’t pass the baseline concussion tests this week, Carolina faces a struggle, especially after an underwhelming start to the season. Their home field advantage should help, though.

If the Panthers have been underwhelming, the Bucs have been downright disappointing, and they show no signs of improvement. After an impressive season-opening victory over the Atlanta Falcons, the Bucs have seemingly sputtered out, losing what little fire they had to begin with. Can they turn their season around this coming Monday?

Week 6 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Jets @ Cardinals

Spread: Arizona by 7 point

Money: NYJ +225 / ARZ -215

Over/Under: 46 Points Total

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

New York will make the cross-country trip to sunny Arizona on October 17th to take on the Cardinals for this primetime showdown.

The Arizona Cardinals have been extremely underwhelming after nearly making a Super Bowl appearance last season. Their 1-3 start has taken a lot of steam out of the team and fans alike and will be looking to set their season back on track with this home game.

The Jets started off the season 1-3, losing the last two games by a margin of more than 10 points each. They enter week five going up against a hot Pittsburgh team, and will more than likely enter week six with a 1-4 record. Will they be able to snap their losing streak in Arizona Monday night?

Week 7 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Texans @ Broncos

Spread: Den by 7 points

Money: HOU +280 Den -335

Over/Under: 40 Total points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

After four weeks of play, these two teams are both measuring up to their preseason hype. The Texans will make the trek to Colorado, where they hope to hand the Broncos a sounding defeat.

The Texans started off their season strong, 3-1. Their only loss came as a shutout to the ever-dominant New England Patriots. They lead the AFC south by two games and are the early favorites to take that division. Despite early success, however, the loss of JJ Watt may take its toll in the coming weeks, especially with the Texans heading to the mile high city.

Four weeks into the season and Denver is one of only three teams that remains undefeated. This is a team that has proven time and again that the best offense is a great defense, and they have bulldozed every team they’ve come up against this season. Although Trevor Siemian injured his non-throwing arm in week four against the Bucs, he should be ready to go by week seven. Barring injury, it will be the Broncos’ game to lose.

Week 8 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Vikings @ Bears

Spread: MINN by 6 points

Money: Minn -192 CHI +167

Over/Under: 40.5 Total Points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Primetime games and Soldier Field have both proven to be too much for the Vikings in the past, but with such a dominant team this year, will they be able to overcome their shortcomings of seasons past?

The Minnesota Vikings have exploded through the first four weeks of football, remaining one of only three teams in the leagues without a loss. After a preseason injury benched Teddy Bridgewater for the season and Adrian Peterson down for the count with a torn meniscus, not many people would have expected the Vikings to be doing as well as they are.

Despite having home field advantage, the Bears have not made nearly enough progress to be competitive this season. With the offseason loss of the QB whisperer Gase, and a team that can’t decide who is better for them – Bryan Hoyer or Jay Cutler – it should come as no surprise that they have started the season 1-3. It would take a miracle – and maybe more than that – for the Bears to pull off this win, but Monday night football is anything but predictable.

Week 9 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Bills @ Seahawks

Spread: SEA by 7 points

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: 43.5 Total Points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Buffalo pulled the surprise upset of the season with a shutout win against New England in week four. Can they muster enough momentum to keep up the win streak all the way into week nine?

The Seahawks have started the season 3-1, their only loss coming very surprisingly from the LA Rams. Despite struggling early on in the season – barely beating a pathetic Miami Dolphins team week one and losing to the Rams in week two – it looks like the team has found its rhythm again, thanks in large part to their dominant defense. A home game against the Bills should be fun and physical.

The Buffalo Bills start the first four weeks with a 2-2 record. They finish the first quarter of the season on a two-game win streak – beating out 2016 season juggernauts Arizona and New England. Are these two wins enough to light a fire under this Buffalo team, or will the pressure prove to be too much in this mid-season Monday night matchup?

Week 10 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Bengals @ Giants

Spread: NYG by 1 Point

Money: Pick'em

Over/Under: 47.5 Total Points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Bengals are 2-2 on the season but it’s important to point out that both of their losses have come to the two teams that have the highest odds to win the AFC this season, the Steelers, and the Broncos. Cincinnati hasn’t quite played up to expectations but the season is young and they have favorable matchups against the Giants.

After starting the season 2 and 0, Eli Manning and the G-Men have dropped their last two and haven’t been able to put points on the scoreboard. They only average 18 points per game as Eli Manning has only thrown four touchdowns in four games to the league’s best receiving corps. Ben McAdoo has to get the gears turning in New York as he was brought in to get the Giants to the next stop, so far he hasn’t met expectations.

Week 11 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Texans @ Raiders

Spread: OAK By 6.5 Points

Money: OAK -300 Tex +280

Over/Under: 48 Total Points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Texans are in first place in the AFC South and already have a two-game lead on the rest of their conference foes. The acquisition of Lamar Miller has helped balance the offense while Brock Osweiler is still trying to find a rhythm. He hasn’t played up to expectations as of yet and losing JJ Watt to injury puts, even more, pressure on him as they will need to put up points to beat the league’s third-ranked offense in Oakland.

The Raiders have been on fire offensively to start the season but their defense has surprisingly been a letdown thus far. They are 3 and 1 but their defense ranks 26th in the NFL in points per game. Lucky for them the Texans are ranked 29th in offensive points per game so the smart money is on the Raiders to win this Week 11 MNF showdown.

Week 12 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Packers @ Eagles

Spread: PHI By 4 Points

Money: PHI -180 GB +160

Over/Under: 47 Total Points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Green Bay Packers are 2 and 1 at the moment, with their only loss coming at the hands of the apparent juggernaut that is the Minnesota Vikings defense. On the surface, a 2 and 1 record is something to be happy about but when you look at the games they’ve played, the Packers have looked anything but sharp offensively. All three of their games have been decided by one score and they are 29th in the league in yards per game with an abysmal 293-yard average. So if you are looking to make a totals wager on this game, the Packers have been proving that the smart choice is to bet the under.

Before the season started, this matchup may have seemed like a no-brainer, but Carson Wentz and the Eagles have quickly proven to be a legitimate threat in the NFC. Wentz has surpassed all expectations in just 4 weeks, leading his team to an undefeated record and immediately giving a frustrated fan base some hope for broader horizons. There will inevitably be some rookie growing pains, but if their defense continues to play lights out, and they get more consistency from their skill positions, the Eagles could go into week 12 as the favorite to beat the mighty Packers.

Week 13 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Colts @ Jets

Spread: NYJ By 1 Point

Money: NYJ -130 IND +110

Over/Under: 48 Total Points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Indianapolis Colts have shown an inability to stop opponents from scoring points through the first four games of the season. They have allowed 31 points per game so far and it doesn’t look like that trend will slow down. By week 13, Andrew Luck and the offense could start finding their rhythm but as of now, the Colts look just plain bad so it would be wise to put your money on the Jets in this matchup.

While the Jets do have probably the most dominant defensive line in football, their defense has underachieved through the first four games of the 2016 season. The Colts aerial attack is capable of picking up big plays so Todd Bowles and company will need to figure out the problem by the time December 5th rolls around. That being said the Jets should still go into this one as the favorite.

Week 14 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Ravens @ Patriots

Spread: NE By 7 Points

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: 45 Total points

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Baltimore Ravens have seemingly overachieved so far this season as they have accumulated a 3 and 1 record, with their only loss being a 1 point defeat at the hands of the emerging Oakland Raiders. They have benefited from an easy early schedule and will have their toughest test of the season when they face the Patriots in week 14.

Tom Brady is back and New England fans everywhere couldn’t be more excited. Bill Belichick did a phenomenal job in the first four weeks without him but with Brady, this Patriots squad is a whole new animal. Going into the season the Patriots were the favorite to win the Super Bowl and now that Brady is back, that is still the case.

Week 15 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Panthers @ Redskins

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

Perhaps the biggest offseason news regarding an NFL defense was when the Panthers chose to let Josh Norman test the free agency market. This has turned out to be a disaster for their defense as their secondary has become a liability through week 4. Cam Newton hasn’t been able to sustain the dominance the offense showed last year as they have struggled to produce points. There is no denying the talent on this team, so they could easily turn the switch at any moment and should go into this one as the favorite, come week 15.

One team’s loss is another team’s gain as Josh Norman decided to sign with the Washington Redskins and will look to show the Panthers what they are missing. This game will be focused on Norman’s return but it could be an important showdown for both of these NFC opponents as there could easily be playoff implications for both of these teams. So be prepare yourself for some tight 2016 Monday Night Football betting odds.

Week 16 - 2016 Monday Night Football Schedule
Loins @ Cowboys

Spread: N/A - Check Back

Money: N/A - Check Back

Over/Under: N/A - Check Back

Bet: Bovada | BetOnline

The Lions garnered some hype behind them after they beat the Colts in week one but just like the Lions do, they lost all of that hype after losing their next three games. The lack of run game has been an issue for years now and Stafford can’t do it on his own. Especially against a Cowboys defense that has surprisingly played well to start the year.

The Lions lost Ameer Abdullah to a season-ending foot injury so their running game immediately becomes depleted. They will now have to rely on Theo Riddick, and rookie Dwayne Washington to carry the load as Mathew Stafford tries to keep his team competitive on offense. The Lions are 1-3 but against the spread, they are 2-2 and have covered the over twice as well.

Jerry Jones has seemingly struck gold with rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. They have lead the cowboys to a 3 and 1 record and are second in the NFL in total offense. The Lions are in the bottom third of the league when it comes to passing and rushing defense so the matchup tilts in favor of the Cowboys.

Betting On Monday Night Football Games - Where Can You Bet?

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